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It's not simple. I do, and the fact that he is doesn't really matter to me. I see him no different, it's like if he told me his favorite color was red or that he likes his coffee black. I would see him no different if his favorite color was blue or if he liked his coffee with milk. If a girl rejected you for being bi then she ain't the girl for you, you should never have to feel like you have to hide a part of yourself to someone you choose to be with. Love is love, doesn't matter who it's with and who they are attracted to, as long as its me at that time.

And no even if she was into girls.

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What's wrong with a girl that would date a bi guy? Why would attraction determine if someone is faithful? Would seem kind of obvious. It's not that obvious. Cheating is a huge deal. The person cheating is saying they don't care at all about the person they are in a relationship with. If you cheat, it says something about your character. How does sexuality affect character or how they feel about the person they are in a relationship with? Straight people go through the exact same situations and make the same decisions to not cheat on their partner when they are around someone they are attracted to.

Just because attraction might happen more often doesn't some how mean bi people would more likely disrespect their partner. And I wouldn't trust one or couple experience to paint all bi people that way. How many times have you heard of a cheating straight person? I hear it a lot, but I don't think straight people are more prone to cheating.

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My experience as a bisexual man. : MensLib

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It most definitely is. There'd be plenty who do, don't waste time on phobic bigots. I didnt know that XD. It doesn't bother me. From my experience some women prefer bi guys over straight guys since they are usually a bit more emotional and understanding.

There are plenty of girls that would. And that should go in the other direction too. But there are plenty of girls who would be okay with it.

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  • There is no point in hiding who you are. You rather be open about it from the beginning. Absolutely, and have done so in the past. I am also bisexual, so it would be pretty hypocritical to refuse to date someone with the same basic orientation as me. I wouldn't. I will go out on a limb and say bisexual men are likely to want anal sex and I am not about that at all. I also have a low sex drive and I would assume someone who is attracted to both sexes doesnt have a low sex drive as well.

    That's very ignorant though. That stuff varies from individual to individual just like anything else. It sounds like you don't really view other people as complex humans like you would yourself. I'm also not into effeminate men. Assuming the guy tests clean and will be monogamous and is relatively masculine, then I would be fine with it, but I don't think I'm very representative.

    Based on sexual attraction, I'm probably about a 2 on the Kinsey scale, but pretty much completely heteroromantic. I list myself as straight on dating sites.

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    I had a conversation with a guy I was dating and he said if I had listed myself as bi he wouldn't have been interested. I've gotten similar vibes from other guys, basically it's hot when girls hookup but they want to be with a girl that has a preference for men. My thought is it women will be worse. I've never heard of women being into gay porn the way guys are into lesbian porn.

    So there is a possibility that they'd be turned off knowing you are bi. Little fyi, pretty much the only way for a woman to contract aids sexually is via sex with bisexual men. I had a cousin who was gay.