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Furthermore,the following week we were basically running in circles trying to reach other until we finally spoke a week after the last meeting. He sounded very down in the call and i wasnt so happy myself. He wouldnt tell me the reasons why but he asked me why i sound different so i told him its because i dont like the way he requested sex from Me the last time we met, and i felt it was disrepectful.

Additionally, i let him know that i dont tolerate disrespect simply because there is nothing he gives me that i cant live without and that i talk to him because i enjoy it. He apologized and said he would watch ehat he says because he doesnt want to hurt me and i thanked him and told him he should be himself just as it is but just refrain from this derogatory talk. Then i told him im here for him if he needs anything and asked him what i can do to make him feel better.

He said lets just talk when i can and that was that. From that point on i just didnt call him because i didnt want to pressure him but i would message him every few days telling him im here and if there is anything i can do.

Then one night i sent him a msg telling him that he is a beautiful person and he responded by saying he is full of shit and the entire message thread was just plain weird. He was even rude to me when i gave him a pet name and treAted me with disrespect despite the fact that i was only trying to support him. To be honest i got soooo mad and in the end i told him i wont turn my back on u but u were so quick to judge and u dont c how much i care. He then apologized and said he is sorry for being so rude and thats the biggest part of his problem and why he needs to be alone,and that he can see abd is grateful for my caring.

A few days later he apologized again but i just wasnt ready to respond until a week later n i sent him a msg saying i had been disrespected by his words but ill pray for him. Of course he didnt respond. A few days later i ran into him and he looked down n told me he had been seeing a therapist who knows i hugged him and teased him a little,and that was that. A few days later i msged him telling him that whatever problem he is having i know he can conquer it because he is so beautiful and strong.

He thanked me and said thats what he keeps telling himself but he is going through a lot. I told him not to thank me because im here for him and i believe in him. A few days later i ran into him and on that night i wish id stayed home. Anyway,i felt guilty so i msged him an apology later and told him that i wont bother him again but i do love n care for him,a message which he ignored so i unfriended him on facebook because i think he made it cleAr he wants me out of his life.

I find this site pretty misogynist. So everything is because women fault, everything is because we NEED to stop being women and matching the model of women who better fits a guy. What happens with our goals? What we want is not important? We are here to please men with this anodine and false relationships without feelings or expectations?

Seriously this is too much work. Sabrina Alexis. None of that implies or indicates you need to change who you are to please a guy. The purpose of this article was to explain why men lose interest. I remember in my dating life I would have the experience of dating a guy who was really into me and then he just disappeared.

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This happened because I was so consumed with getting him to like me and commit and I lost site of my own sense of worth. I hope this clarifies things. Hi Sabrina, Spiritual doctrines advise to stay present and be in the moment.

How to Get a Gay Guy to Like You over Text Messages Easily -

Men seem to be able to do this more naturally and intuitively than women in the relationship context. Do you think men are generally more conscious and spiritually evolved than women? Eric Charles. Angela, my guess is that you find a lot of things misogynist… not because they are, but because you twist everything into thinking it is and then complain about. Just a guess. If you really want a good guy, you will find one. Also be prepared for an honest answer when you ask ANY question, including questions related to your looks, size, etc.

You may find what you say you want. Not if he is crazy though! There are many out here waiting to be accepted by a good, honest, faithful woman who appreciates and TRULY desires that type of man. Change what you look for and what you accept and things will begin to change in general. I can see your point and absolutely agree … actually, i confess that i had sensed that this is actually what happens!

Perhaps there are other subtle issues? DDD So which is which? Why some men do decide to stay nevertheless? Interesting article and comments.

I am relatively cool and calm under pressure and was in a long term relationship for 4 years which ended due to circumstances. I was absolutely broken and its definitely affected me with other guys. I had a busy few weeks and he was really pushing to meet up, and we agreed one night after about 3 weeks of texting to have a quick drink to see if this was actually something. I would reply that it was fine, we all had crazy days etc.

He replied that he was so sorry but things had definitely not changed and he was sorry that I felt we were on different pages. I told him, cool, I get it, and admitted that I had felt somewhat rejected by him not replying to me suggesting drinks.

If he’s not that into you, consider that a blessing in disguise…

On one side I felt something was off and feel we had an open enough conversation to be able to say something, on the other side, did I push this too far? My dad told me he knew why. Julian loves her. Plain and simple. True love is unconditional, everyone.. Hang on everyone, every loss is a gain and a step closer to the best: Some men are bitterly frightened of commitment. They will sabotage a good relationship out of fear or something stupid.

I know a guy, totally thought he was my soul mate. We clicked. He shared with me things he never shared with anyone. We were inseparable. He eventually told me that he meet a new young lady at a crab festival trip with a friend.

Which Strategy is for You?

He also told me he feared my ex boyfriend would come back into the picture. He liked the island girl that could twerk it in bed i guess. Eventually, she broke his heart. When she went home to visit her native country, she returned pregnant with her high school sweet hearts baby. He was heart broken over her, but not me!!! It scared him.

Ask a Guy: Why Did He Suddenly Stop Texting Me?

When he was with her he would call me and say he wished she was me. I call it Attention Deficit Disorder in the dating department. Some men are always looking for something better. Women need to realize when it is them, but they also need to understand when it is beyond their control. Too many articles place blame when the blame is with no one. This article was good, but if a woman has been dating a man for a while, its not odd for her to wonder where she stands. It is ingrained in a woman to settle down.

Tell the woman you just want a physical relationship. A lot of women are perfectly ok with a physical relationship, no strings attached. One last point. Some people are mental. They will find fault with everyone. These people will never be happy with anyone. Ladies listen up!!! When a truly invested man sudenly stops texting you leave it be. His silence says it all. Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get back in the race.

His problem not yours! Your awesomeness does not need that! It is what it is. You have got to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince…! Hope this helps ….. Hi, I have been reading your blog for sometime.

Its informative and sometimes comments resonate strongly with our own situations. Being a successful early 30 girl, dating is still something which completely baffles me.